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Dear GMB member,

A recent vote of GMB members concerning changes to Annual Leave entitlement resulted in an overwhelming rejection of the changes – 90% of our voting members voted to reject.

We have communicated this to G4S who have informed us that they will press ahead with the cuts regardless and they will not implement the slight improvements they could have done purely because GMB members rejected the proposals.

The GMB has requested this issue be escalated through the Disputes Resolution Procedure but we have been told by G4S, this doesn’t constitute a contractual change and therefore does not warrant being subject to the procedure. We disagree.

These changes only apply to those people who do not have contractual protection in their contract. Many G4S employees will have a contractual clause which says Annual Leave is calculated based on the statutory minimum, if this is the case and you work a non standard shift pattern, i.e 4 on 4 off then you will be impacted.

But, some of you – possibly those that TUPE’d in to G4S or on older contracts may well have protection in your contract meaning G4S cannot impose this reduction. If you are unsure you can request a copy of your contract and check for yourself and seek advice from your rep, branch or officer if you are still unclear.

We had hoped that G4S would have seen fit to give their staff a better Xmas present than this and we are disappointed they aren’t doing the right thing by their workforce.


Nadine Houghton

GMB National Officer

Posted: 10th December 2020

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