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G4S have now started to apply changes to Annual Leave entitlement and have made the change from days to hours for employees.

G4S state that due to some of the changes they are still working through, only standard holiday entitlements are showing in the system. G4S are aware that holiday entitlements may be incorrect for some of you.

G4S intention moving forward is:

  • To update contractual hours to reflect normal working (Rostered) hours and agreeing new hours individually with affected employees. It is important that when you are contacted to agree to a change to contractual hours that you respond, as the increase will not be applied automatically.  G4S should only be contacting you about this if it concerns an INCREASE in hours, we do not expect GMB members to be agreeing to any reduction in hours – please contact your rep if you are asked to do this.
  • To upload carryover of any entitlement from 2020 to 2021 entitlements where it has already been approved.
  • To upload carryover of up to 48 hours entitlement for Casual workers for untaken holiday hours accrued in  December 2020.
  • To update entitlements from the standard working time directive value to the correct entitlement for individuals with protected holiday rights in their contract of employment for example as a result of TUPE. Once again, we do not expect this process to lead to any reduction in hours or annual leave entitlement if this is protected in your contract as a result of a TUPE transfer from a previous employer. If you believe your TUPE rights have been breached in this regard please contact your GMB reps immediately.  

​The changes to annual leave entitlement will affect members who do not work on a regular 5 days a week roster. Members who work on a regular 5 days a week roster will not be affected by the change to annual leave entitlement other than the changing from days to hours.

G4S have requested that you do not contact your Manager / NCC or HR until they contact you again to confirm all entitlements have been updated.

GMB would advise any member who has concerns or questions about the changes above to please contact your local rep or regional officials for advice.


Nadine Houghton

GMB National Officer

Posted: 22nd January 2021

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