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G4S DWP Contract – 2021/2 Pay

Dear GMB Member

There will shortly be a  communication by G4S in relation to the pay talks for this year.

Pay negotiations with G4S have started, however G4S have informed us that due to a lack of interest in the previously advertised positions, new positions will be advertised at the rate of £9.80 per hour in Standard and Enhanced areas.

GMB has been campaigning hard for a real living wage for our members on the DWP contract and our position is clear, that our members should be paid a proper living wage.

Further pay talks are planned in the coming weeks and we will be negotiating hard on behalf of GMB members to ensure that we get the best possible deal before bringing the G4S offer to ballot. We of course will keep you updated on progress.

Any offer we receive from G4S will be subject to a full ballot of GMB members.

For further information, please contact your local GMB representative or GMB office.

Please share this bulletin with any of your colleagues not yet in the GMB. Those wishing to join can do so following this link

In Solidarity

Nadine Houghton, GMB National Security Officer

Dave Gigg, National GMB convenor, Secure Solutions

Derek Rawlings, National GMB Convenor, Secure Solutions

Posted: 24th September 2021

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