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G4S workers terms and conditions must be protected

GMB, the union for security workers, is demanding assurances that workers terms and conditions are built on in Security giant G4S.

The calls come with uncertainty looming over the takeover after the bidding war to take over the security giant has been thrown to an auction after neither interested party offered a finalised bid.

The move will mean that whichever party wins the bid, the new employer will become the largest security company in the world.

Nadine Houghton, GMB national officer said: 

“With G4S’s fate soon to be decided at auction, G4S workers must get the assurances they’ve been seeking since the hostile takeover bid was first announced.

“Whichever company wins, the new employer will be the largest security company in the world. This has huge implications for employment standards across the sector and directly for thousands of staff in the UK.

“We will be working to build on the agreements we currently have and doing all we can to make sure jobs and terms and conditions are protected.”

Posted: 13th February 2021

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