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Dear GMB member,

Firstly I’d like to personally apologise that we did not inform members of the ballot result before it was communicated out by the Company, there are reasons for this, but ultimately no excuses.


GMB members voted 57% v 43% to reject the offer, and Community members voted 80% v 20% to accept the offer, so we have been unable to reach agreement on pay for 2022.

The Company had initially advised that it was going to implement the offer, however GMB pointed out that pay and conditions are subject to the Collective Disputes Procedure in your Recognition Agreement, and the final stage 4 provides that the parties can seek assistance from ACAS to resolve disputes.

As we clearly have a ‘collective dispute’ over pay and conditions GMB has written to the Company invoking the final stage – so we can move quickly – and seeking a joint meeting with ACAS.


GMB is aware that some members who have worked bank holidays since April 1 may not have been paid at their normal rate. As there has been no agreement on the pay offer, and we are in ‘dispute’, clause 2.16 states that until stage 4 of the Collective Disputes Procedure has been exhausted, there can be no change to terms, conditions or working arrangements ie maintain status quo.

Therefore if members believe they’ve not received the correct pay for any recent bank holidays, then they need to notify their local Rep/Officer as this could be an unlawful deduction of wages. If you’re not a GMB member and want to register with your Rep/Officer then you’ll need to join GMB here

Eamon O’Hearn

GMB National Officer

SERCO PECS 4 2022 Pay Update

Posted: 4th May 2022

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