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Dear GMB member

We know how many of you are feeling about the imposition of Saturday (and eventually) evening working.

The GMB is opposing these changes as strongly as possible.

We have asked for the status quo to be maintained while we escalate the issue through the Disputes Resolution Procedure as per the terms of the Recognition Agreement. G4S are refusing to do this and are pressing ahead with the changes, at the request of the DWP.

When Civil Servants agreed their ‘Employee New Deal’ in 2016 they had many years to reach agreement on a deal that meant Civil Servants would work the extended opening hours. GMB members have been given just 90 days.

As G4S are not complying with the terms of the recognition agreement we now have no choice but to ask our members what next steps they want the GMB to take, this means holding an indicative ballot for industrial action to seek those views.

None of us want to take this course of action but we are being left with very little choice. We know the strength of feeling amongst our members on this issue and we must represent your views.

We genuinely hope we can reach a deal with G4S which incentivises volunteers to work these hours and although we believe that is still achievable, we are deeply concerned that we are less than two weeks away from the changes being imposed with very little time to negotiate.

We have also been made aware of changes to the start and finish time for some of you which is a pay cut. This is not something we have been consulted on and something we have attempted to raise with G4S.

We urge G4S to get around the table as soon as possible.

The GMB will keep you updated on any progress in talks and will share with you a letter that will be going to the Secretary of state for Work and Pensions on the issue.

Can I please remind you that if you have genuine and immediate reasons as to why you cannot work on Saturdays please raise these in writing, by grievance if necessary.

Kind regards,

Nadine Houghton 

GMB National Officer

Posted: 19th November 2020

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