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Low Paid Means Low Priority

Low Paid Means Low Priority

It’s official – it’s the low paid who are dying most from Covid-19, according to new ONS figures released yesterday. Low-skilled jobs – security guards, bus drivers, chefs, retail workers, and people working in social care – have all been heaviest hit and once again, it’s the working poor who suffer.

According to ONS figures: Men working as Security guards had one of the highest death rates with 45.7 deaths per 100,000.

This comes just after Boris Johnson said people who work in construction and manufacturing, mainly low paid, should return to work.

John Phillips, Acting General Secretary of the GMB union said: “These figures are horrifying. If you are low paid you are more likely to die. Ministers must pause any return to work until proper guidelines are in place to keep people safe.”

Your rep has been provided with a form to complete to supply information for the Regional Coronavirus Register. You should make your rep aware of any concerns you have. Have you been shown a copy of your company’s risk assessment?

If you are working with a colleague who is not yet a member, please let them know that our members are going to need us more now than ever before. We will not be in a position to support anybody who is not a union member.

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SECURITY Bulletin 1 May 2020

Posted: 12th May 2020

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