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G4S SSUK Bulletin No 2 Nov 2020 – Annual Leave Entitlement

G4S has been consulting with the GMB regarding cuts to Annual leave entitlement. The GMB has listened to the arguments made by G4S but it is now time for our members to decide how you want your union to proceed.

G4S say the cuts to annual leave entitlement are being made because they have over paid staff working nonstandard shift patterns. This means that G4S want to cut Annual Leave for a colleague working a 4 on 4 off shift from 28 or 23 days down to 19.6.

GMB say that G4S do not need to do anything of the sort. The race to the bottom in the security industry means that G4S has, over the years, moved towards becoming a statutory minimum employer. They are now seeking to reduce your Annual Leave to the very minimum they are obliged to pay you in law. As low paid workers the GMB believes you deserve better than this.

G4S say that if GMB members agree to these changes you will get an extra days’ Annual Leave for one year and half a day for the rest of your Annual Leave entitlement. That is why we are balloting you, because we believe you should have a say on whether we accept these changes or not. G4S say they will impose the changes if we do not agree to them, if you tell us to reject the offer, we will revert to the Disputes Resolution Procedure and seek arbitration at ACAS.

You will receive an electronic ballot to be completed via Survey Monkey in due course, please make sure you complete it and use this opportunity to update your details.

Posted: 9th November 2020

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